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A Message from Nacarra:

First, I want to say thank you for taking the time to review my crowdfund.  I know that no person or business reaches great heights on their own. All great things require community, connection, dedication and time. I've started this crowdfund to ask for support from my friends, family, customers, and our extended networks.

Curvi Milieux, in its 2 years here in Greensboro, NC has served over 5,000 plus size women from all over the state of North Carolina and visitors from across the United States. Those women have found us to be a Gem in a coal mine of boring plus size fashion. I take great pride in the business that I have built from very meager beginnings, and I appreciate all the support I've gotten from friends and family.

Now it is time to for me to ask for your support again as we work to sustain through the current economic conditions.  All businesses along its journey require funding. As we plan for changes and going into 2023, I need your help. This campaigns funds will focus on 3 areas.

Sustaining our current business with new and exciting brand offerings.

Relocation of Curvi Milieux at our lease end in 2023.

Manufacturing our first in house collection.

Marketing and Creative budgets to hire the right help to continue to grow.

Back our Growth and sustainability through making a donation. Our funding goal is $100,000, which is no small task. All backers will receive a Handwritten Thank You Note.  Once we achieve 25% of our funding goal, all backers will be receiving our Community Over Competition Sweatshirt.   You can also purchase additional sweatshirts here.

Backers who donate $500 or more will also receive our Milieux Crew sweatshirt

All shipments of Sweatshirts will start shipping January 2023. Please enter your size in checkout notes. 

Check back here for updates on My fundraising Progress!

Smaller Donations can be made through my business cashapp $curvimilieux .

Thank you so much for your consideration <3